Kandy Environmentally Friendly Equipment Plant

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Guangzhou Kandy Environmentally Friendly Equipment Plant(Kandy for short, founded in 2006 in the beautiful High-Tech Industry Development Zone,Guangzhou, where numbers of large and famous foreign and domestic enterprises gathered around, is mainly specialized in the development, production, marketing and sales of environmentally friendly equipments.
With the concept of "people-oriented" and "best services to customers", Kandy has created nunumbers of new patent products, e.g. HealthGuard Toilet Seat series and electronic bidet series, which enjoy the governmental preferential policy and humanize your living with great healthcare. They have not only elegant appearance, but also many qualities that ordinary toilets do not have, such as replacing the sanitary toilet seat cover automatically, cleaning by washing, warm blow dry, electrically heated and deodorization. And cross infection caused by using the public toilets office buildings, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and recreation... [Detailed]
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